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Year 5 Home Learning

The first period of home learning has now ended as of Wednesday 1st April.

We will update our class ‘Home Learning’ pages with more suggested learning activities from Monday 20th April.

Current learning activities will remain on our school website until 20th April when we will remove them and start afresh with new activities for next term.

Other relevant learning links and resources will remain on our ‘Home Learning Extra Links’ sections of our website.

Take care and stay safe during this Easter time.

The Necton C of E Primary School Team



Wednesday 1st April

Happy April Fools Day

 In the UK, April Fools’ Day is a chance to play a trick or prank on an unsuspecting person. Traditionally, pranks should be carried out by midday. It is thought that anyone playing a prank after this time, is in fact the fool themselves.

 Your maths and English tasks are below.

English - Grammar activity based on your Superman dilemma from yesterday.

Extra challenge - How many points can you score on the word puzzle

Maths - Multiplying fractions - instructions on the sheet

Extra challenge - can you solve the spring riddle.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter break, lets hope the sunshine returns and we can all get outside. 









Tuesday 31st March 

Good morning everyone.

Your maths and English tasks are below.

Maths - comparing fractions - use your knowledge organiser to help you and don't forget to compare fractions you need to make sure that all the denominators are the same.

Extra challenge - Lots of maths operations with the vowels missing, can you guess what the words say.

English - Superman has a dilemma , read what has happened, can you continue his story.

Extra challenge - test yourself on the next set of common exception words.

 The weekly menu is further down the page if you want to choose an extra activity from there.

Enjoy your day.






Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning. I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend. I hope that you are finding a routine that works for your when completing your home learning.

Here are your maths and English tasks for today and a new weekly menu from which to choose activities from other subjects. 

Maths- Take one number

Create a 4-digit number and follow the different steps it asks you to take.

Extra challenge: Can you work out the name of the shapes, which have their vowels missing.

English- Reading comprehension

Complete the reading comprehension on The Great Pyramid. Remember to read the text twice; making a note of any words, you are unsure of. Can you have a guess at what the words mean in the given context and then use a dictionary or go online to find their meaning. Have a go at answering as many of the questions as you can. The first section are retrieval questions, remember to skim and scam the text, looking for key words. After the retrieval questions, have a go at the other VIPERS questions.

Have a good day.

Mrs Devereux




Weekly Menu




 Friday 27th March

Yipeee it's Friday!  I hope you and your family are all well in what has been a strange week.

Your maths and English tasks for today are listed below.

Thank you for sending me the pictures of your home learning it has been great to see how you are all getting on.

Have a fantastic and restful weekend.

Take Care

Mrs Devereux











Polar Bears home learning

Thursday 26th March

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

It's been lovely to see some of your great home learning. I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to do some learning outside.

Well done to those of you working hard on spelling shed, who will be our speller of the week?

Please let me know if I can help with anything or your would like to share some of the things you have been doing.

Take care

Mrs Devereux





Polar Bears home learning

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning! I hope you are all doing well and looking after yourselves and each other at home. I have set some more English and Maths to be getting on with today and please see the home learning menu (further down the page) for any afternoon activities to keep you busy.

If you would like to do anything else, remember you have access to Spelling Shed, PiXL times tables and Maths Whizz. 


Happy home learning.


English - Super sentences – add a relative clause using a relative pronoun. Then write the sentences adding an embedded clause (clause in the middle of the sentence).

Example: During the spring, when we could have showers, I always have my umbrella with me.

 Continue reading your book together.


Maths  - Fractions codebreaker  - adding and subtracting fractions, remember to use your fractions knowledge organiser to help you.




Tuesday 24th March 

Good morning Polar Bear class, hope you are all keeping well and had a good first day of learning.

Below are your Maths and English tasks for today and you can choose an activity from the menu uploaded yesterday. There is no need to print these activities, complete them in your home learning books. If you have any questions or want to share any of your learning please drop me an email.

9am - Joe wicks will be online for the morning workout.

English - complete the suffixes activity, in your spelling books, complete the 'ough' activity which is shown below and continue reading your book.

Extra Challenge - check out how many of the first 20 year 5/6 common exception words you know. (uploaded below). 




 Tuesday 24th March - Maths

Find your way through the maze, calculating fractions of amounts. Remember to use your knowledge organiser to help you.

Extra challenge - Practice your times tables on the PiXL times tables app or complete your colour sheet from our times tables challenge.



Polar Bear’s home learning

Monday 23rd March

Good morning Polar Bear class! Each morning I will be adding English and Maths activities to keep you busy. You should all have a home learning pack with a Maths and English  book, stationary kit and other activities needed.

I am busy working from home this week so please email if you have any questions or even would like to share the fantastic work and activities you have been doing! My email address can be found attached to your red home learning books.

9am – Who is joining me with a morning workout? Follow Joe Wicks online for his morning PE lesson!

English – Read the spring poem and answer the questions.

Enjoy reading a book together with an adult for 20-30 minutes. You can read to your adult, or your adult can read to you. Whilst reading can, you find any new words, which you do not know the meaning of and work out their meaning from the context in which they are being used. Check the meaning with an adult or use a dictionary to see if you were right.

Extra challenge: Finish with ‘PiXL Unlock’ to develop your vocabulary in a fun way! 

[Download the ‘PiXL Unlock’ app for free and use your PiXL password information to login.]


Maths – Equivalent fractions.

Can you find your way through the maze using equivalent fractions? Remember to use your knowledge organiser to help you.

Extra challenge: Find the ‘BBC Supermovers’ videos online (e.g. Fred the red) for a fun and active way to learn and practise times tables - or practise times tables in another way of your choice.

Afternoon: Please see the attached PDF for an activity menu to keep you busy throughout the week. Obviously, you can use this time for what other activities you would like to do. Maybe help with some housework, do some baking, go for a walk or even do some crafts with what you have at home!

Happy home learning!

Mrs Devereux


 These resources do not need to be printed.





Non-screen activities you can do at home


A guide of practical activities when learning at home.

A learning pack for Year 5 pupils to complete.

A list of free reading and book related online resources which can support home learning.