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Year 4 Home Learning

The first period of home learning has now ended as of Wednesday 1st April.

We will update our class ‘Home Learning’ pages with more suggested learning activities from Monday 20th April.

Current learning activities will remain on our school website until 20th April when we will remove them and start afresh with new activities for next term.

Other relevant learning links and resources will remain on our ‘Home Learning Extra Links’ sections of our website.

Take care and stay safe during this Easter time.

The Necton C of E Primary School Team



Year 4 Home Learning

Wednesday 1st  April

Happy Easter!

It's not quite time for the chocolate eggs yet as there is still over a week to go until the Easter weekend. However, we will not be posting any new work until after the Easter break.  Please don't let that stop you trying activities from the Learning Menus or working on projects of your own and sharing your outcomes with Mr Hodder and me via an email. 

I hope you enjoy today's activities.  I'd like to see the lists of words you generate from the word wheel. If you spot the 9 letter word, well done!   A top tip for the Zios and Zepts investigation is to start by writing out your multiples of 3 and your multiples of 7. This will give you some numbers to think about. Remember there may well be several right answers. Good luck.

Have you tried the Dance Mat Typing game from BBC Bitesize? It's on the weekly menu. Give it a go.  Learning to type is such a useful skill and the game itself can become quite addictive.  

Mr Hodder and I still have some phone calls to make today so we might well be speaking to you in person but if we don't get to speak to you, have a very happy Easter, stay safe and don't eat too much chocolate in one go!

Mr Gooch 


Tuesday 31stMarch

Greetings Penguins!

It has been lovely to speak to some of you over the last couple of days. Mr Hodder and I will try and get round all of you with a quick chat over the phone. So if you see an unknown caller on the line, don't worry, it might be us!  

Listening to all of the excellent work you've been doing has really cheered me up. Not only are you having a good go at the work we're setting but many of you are starting your own projects. Great idea! If you've got a passion or an interest use this time to dive into it a bit deeper. If you would like some ideas on how to find out more or how to present some of your research don't forget to drop Mr Hodder or me an email. 

Some of you are researching a history topic you enjoy and I know that the Romans is a popular choice. So here is an extra Romans challenge... 

Julius Caesar was a powerful Roman leader and he lived a very interesting life.  As a young man he was kidnapped by pirates but it did not go as planned for the pirates. Find out what happened. You could present your findings as a comic strip. (Try the ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA for some research.) 

Thank you for sending me pictures of your excellent work. I really enjoyed the Star Wars influenced sketches and the pictures of pets helping, or not helping, with homework!

Knowing how some of you really like a challenge in maths here is an extra paper from the Primary Maths Challenge, with answers for parents. These papers are designed to be a challenge for all primary aged children up to year six and the questions get progressively harder. You will have to rope in older brothers and sisters or the whole family to try some of the harder questions.   

Good luck!

                                     Mr Gooch









Monday 30th March

Good morning Penguins!

Hope you and your families are all keeping fit and well. By now, hopefully, you are settling into the home schooling way of working. Remember, do what's best for you. Some of you will be best sticking to a rigid timetable, others may be better fitting the learning in around other activities and dipping in and out of activities throughout the day. 

Please read as often as you can and listen to some stories online. Has anyone tried the activities on David Walliams' website or listened to one of the stories?  Let me know what you think.

I've really missed  sharing poems and stories with you this week so I thought I'd give you a couple of limericks. They are poems with a special rhyming pattern, can you spot it? Limericks are usually silly and sometimes even a little bit rude! Perhaps you know some. Why not have a go at making up one for an animal and sending it to me?  

A creature of charm is the gerbil;

It's diet's exclusively herbal;

It grazes all day on bunches of hay

Passing wind with an elegant burble!


An elderly man called Keith

Mislaid his set of false teeth -

They'd been laid on a chair,

He'd forgot they were there,

Sat down - and was bitten beneath. 


I've posted three days of English and maths below along with a learning menu and some extra activities you should recognise. I look forward to hearing from you with anything you'd like to share but I especially look forward to seeing a poem or limerick you've typed up for me after trying the touch typing game.  

If you want to send me anything, or just say hello, you can contact me at...

Have a good week,

                                       Mr Gooch




Friday 27th March

It's Friday!! I hope you and your family are well after what has certainly been an unusual week.

Your last maths and English tasks for this week are explained below....

Please continue to send me photos and messages via email if you would like to. I've been enjoying seeing your progress on the PiXL apps, MathsWhizz and Spelling Shed too!

You'll be hearing more from Mr Gooch than me next week so take care and have a fantastic and restful weekend when it arrives!

Mr Hodder

Friday's Maths


Friday's English


Thursday 26th March

Good morning Penguin Class! I hope that you are getting on well. 

Here are today's maths and English tasks....

Remember to look after those around you - and help out at home! It's a busy time for everyone so that will really help! Are you showing leadership, organisation, resilience,  initiative and good communication? [LORIC]

Anyway, I hope you find these activities interesting and challenging!

I look forward to seeing some photos/emails soon.

Mr H

Thursday's Maths


Thursday's English


Wednesday 25th March

Hi everyone! I hope that you are getting on well. 

It's been lovely to see more of your fantastic learning via e-mail.... I love how creative you are being and how much you are able to learn outdoors too! It's been great to watch your progress on Maths Whizz, PiXL times tables and Spelling Shed too! Well done!

Hopefully you'll find today's tasks slightly shorter. It's been a busy time and it's important for us to have some down time too. 

Please let me know if I can help at all - or if you have any photos to send in -  or if you just want to say "Hi!"

Take care and speak soon,

Mr H


Wednesday's English


Wednesday's Maths



Tuesday 24th March

Hello again Penguin Class!

I hope you had a successful day yesterday.  Please find today's maths and English activities below - and please continue to choose activities from the weekly learning menu to supplement your learning. We've tried to do these tasks in a way so that there is no printing required - just access to these documents online.  

It would be great to see some of your achievements so please do email photos/examples of your work or a comment via email, letting me know what you have been learning.

Don't forget that Joe Wicks is continuing to do a workout for us all at 9am if you can join in! I'm still aching a little from this morning's workout but I'm determined to keep doing it every day to improve my fitness!

Take care,

Mr H 

Tuesday's Maths


Tuesday's English


Monday 23rd March

Good morning Penguin Class! Each morning, we will be adding maths and English activities for you to do at home. You should all have your home learning pack with a home learning book, an extra book that you might use for maths, a stationary kit and a few other helpful resources.

Mr Gooch and I are busy working from home this week so please email if you have any questions or even would like to share the fantastic work and activities you have been doing! My email address can be found attached to the inside cover of your home learning books where you will also find your passwords to some helpful online games and activities.

NO PRINTING IS REQUIRED to do the activities set. You just need a device or computer to see the activities and then either your exercise book and pencil supplied last week, or nothing if the activity is outside.

Finally, at 9am each day, many of us will be using Joe Wicks' online morning PE lesson to get our bodies moving so feel free to join us for that each day too!

Have a super day and take care,

Mr Hodder

Monday's Maths - 23.3.20


Monday's English - 23.3.20


This week's home learning menu.... w.b. 23.3.20


Extra resources for home learning:

A Maths homework grid for both Years 3 and 4. 

A home learning pack for Year 4 pupils to complete.


A guide of practical activities when learning from home.

A list of free reading and book related online resources which can support home learning.