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Year 3 Home Learning

Friday 22nd May

Well another half term has simply flown by and I think you deserve a well-earned week off! It is half-term next week, so we will not be putting up any new activities. Time to relax, rest and have some fun with your families.

But before you do, check out today’s learning activities and now might be a good time to take a last look at the learning menu for this week. :0)


Today is Friday, so it’s time to check in with those –ly spellings that were given out last week. Here are your spelling patterns to practise over the next few weeks.


At school, we sometimes do a ‘cold write’ where you are given a loose topic and you take your writing in in any direction you choose. Always try to include as many skills as you can/would like but there is not a set a writing focus.

So, if you choose, today please do some free writing, it could be based around some of the topics we have covered this week. These could include…

  • diary entry in lockdown
  • diary entry or newspaper article of a scientist finding new and amazing plant.
  • a short adventure story set in the rainforest
  • postcard home from a jungle safari holiday
  • cartoon strip about the rainforest or your own life in lockdown (a template has been included)
  • write a text comparing the similarities and differences between forests in England (temperate forests) and rainforests (tropical).
  • Free write any topic or style you choose.

If you do not feel like writing more today, complete some of the spelling activities based on our year 3 / 4 spelling list.


If you don't feel like writing choose (a different activity from last week) from some of the activities below.

-Spellzone website

-Use your Spelling shed app and play games on the statutory spelling list

-Choose ten words for the list then choose an Interesting ways to practise the spellings.

  • cut out words or letters from a newspaper
  • write them using water and a paintbrush on the pavement
  • write them in salt, sugar, flour, glitter or sand with your finger
  • write the word on pieces of paper and put them in a tub. Pull one out and act it out.
  • use scrabble tiles to practise
  • make a crossword or word search
  • chalk
  • use toothpicks, string or dry spaghetti

-Correct the spelling mistakes...


Here are some problem solving actives using some of the shape knowledge we have looked at this week. 


Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class!

If we were in school, we would have been taking part in outdoor classroom day today where we would enjoy lots of learning outdoors. I know this is not possible for everyone now, so I have included some activities today with an outdoors theme. Have a look at the information on the school newsletter this week for some indoors/outdoors activities and ideas!

Also, the Wildlife trust have started their sign up for the 30 Days Wild challenge where you can get lots of resources and activities for free. Today would be a good day to sign up ready for the 1st of June start.

Here are your learning activities for today:


Choose from the range of outdoor themed activities below... 


Again, make a choice from the activities provided here...


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class! I hope this day finds you well and happy. Here are your midweek learning activities...


Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class. How did you get on with your robots yesterday? I have already had a couple of excellent photographs! More drawing in maths today and we are having a week with some writing in role in English. So let’s crack on! Here are your learning tasks for today…


As well as writing in role, we will also be using some of the word classes we have been practising this year…


Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class. I hope you have had a lovely restful and relaxing weekend and you are ready for you last weekend of home learning before half term. Where does the time go?

Like every Monday a new home learning menu has been provided after today's learning activities.


Reading comprehension day. Today it's all about carnivorous plants. Eeek!


New week, new topic! This week it is shape.

This weeks home learning menu...

Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class and Seahorse class families! Well, my socks have well and truly been knocked off! The standard of writing that has been sent to me this week is nothing short of outstanding! Some really brilliant work on sentence openers, conjunctions, captions and some stunning information pages. Super work everyone :0). If you would like to have your work included in the Year 3 wonderful work gallery on our blog page, get some snaps to me by this afternoon when I will put them up.

I hope you have a brilliant weekend, but first, here are your activities for today …


Friday is spellings day. Check back in with last week’s spellings, how many have you remembered? Here are your new spellings for you to practice throughout the week.

For those of you that need a little more time to finish off your information page, take that time now. If you have already finished, choose from some of the spelling activities below.

This term we would start to attack the year 3 / 4 statutory spellings. The complete list is here.

Now choose from some of the activities below to help you learn these spellings.

-Spellzone website

-Use your Spelling shed app and play games on the statutory spelling list

-Choose ten words for the list then choose an Interesting ways to practise the spellings.

  • cut out words or letters from a newspaper
  • write them using water and a paintbrush on the pavement
  • write them in salt, sugar, flour, glitter or sand with your finger
  • write the word on pieces of paper and put them in a tub. Pull one out and act it out.
  • use scrabble tiles to practise
  • make a crossword or word search
  • chalk
  • use toothpicks, string or dry spaghetti

-Correct the spelling mistakes...


Friday is times tables day. Practise the times table you are currently practising. Maybe ask a family member to give you a little test. Spend some time practising using the Pixl times table app or this website. Remember our target for the end of year three is to know the 5,10,2,3,4,and 8 times tables off by heart, out of sequence and all related divisions, phew!

Today’s main lesson we are continuing with time.

L.O: to estimate periods of time (minutes and seconds)

Ask a member of your family to time this short activity. Start the timer and sit down on the floor. Stand up when you think exactly 1 minute (60 sec) has passed. How close were you?  When we estimate we are making a ‘clever guess’ using information we already know.

Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class. Wow! Thursday already. This week is just flying by! Thursday is always a good day to check in with this weeks home Learning menu to see if there are any other subjects you would like to tackle today. Read on for today’s learning activities.


Today is the day we have been working towards over the past couple of weeks. I would like you to bring all of your skills together and produce a full information page about the rainforest animal you have been researching. If you do not have a set of you own notes, use my Aye-aye notes that I have included today.

To present your work, you have two options. You could use a double page spread in your  workbook and design your own layout. It needs to include as many of the things on the writing checklist included below as possible.

If you would like a little more support, follow the layout of the one page factfile below. All notes should be written out now as full sentences using the skills you have practised this week. Four paragraphs with the sub-headings; appearance, habitat, diet and fascinating facts should be aimed for. This may take you a little longer to complete, so tomorrows task will be lighter if you need to finish it off.

Good Luck!


L.O: to measure and compare units of time in minutes and seconds.

Remember that there are 60 seconds in 1 minute. So 2 minutes woud be:

2 x 60sec = 120secs.

To find how may seconds in half a minute just half the number of seconds:

½ of 60sec or 60se ÷2 = 30 sec.

Choose one of the challenge sheets…Too tricky? Choose one of the sheets from the selection further down.

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class. I hope this Wednesday finds you happy and full of midweek cheer! Here are your learning activities for today…



Today please go to the White Rose maths page to watch the video about dividing large numbers. After watching the video click the link next to the video and choose one of the activities on the BBC Bitesized home learning page.

Summer term week 4 Lesson 3 - Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.


Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class. Did you like the rainforest song yesterday? I love it but I just can't get it out of my head this morning! Today in English we return to our rainforest animal information writing. Have a look at today's learning activities...


Look back in your work books to the notes you made last week about the rainforest animal of your choice, as we will be using this information in our work today. If you did not complete this activity I have included the notes I made at the end of the document and you can use these notes for today's task if you need to. 


As we know, it is important to check back with our new written methods for calculation frequently. We are heading over to White Rose Maths again to apply our column multiplication skills into a variety of different situations. Watch the video on the website then come back here to use the worksheet below.

If this is proving too tricky today, have a practise at the 4 and 8 times tables using the information at the end of today’s post.

For today’s White Rose lesson, click on the link to find:

Week 4 w/c 11th May

Lesson 2 - Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit


A bit too tricky today? Complete these activities. Remember you do not need to print out, instead of colouring the squares, write the numbers you would of coloured in a list in your workbook.

Monday 11th May 2020

Good Morning Seahorse class. I hope you had a fantastic weekend, enjoyed any VE day celebrations that were held and managed to catch some of the sunshine.

All of the wonderful work from last week is now up on the class blog page and there certainly was plenty to choose from! Super effort! If you haven’t already had a look, check it out here.

A new home learning menu is also included today, which can be found after your English and Maths activities. :0)

Here are today’s learning activities….


Mondays are reading comprehension day and we have a musical start to the week this week. Listen to the song and then answer the reading comprehension questions all about the lyrics.

Here are the written lyrics and your questions...

 Extra challenge: You could try to learn the song and use some home-made musical instruments to accompany it.

Maths-L.O: to be able to use a calendar.

We started to learn how to read calendars before at school. If you have a calendar at home, have a good look at it to remember how it is set out. Find an online calendar if you need to. Try the problems on the sheet below.


Extra Challenge: Visit this game and play on the hardest level.

Your home learning activities this week...

Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning Seahorses! Well, I think you've all worked so hard this week that I am going to give you tomorrow off! Only joking! As you probably know, Friday this week is a bank holiday, as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE day.  As it is a bank holiday, we will not be setting any daily tasks but if you haven't already, head over to the history page on the extra home learning link to learn more about this momentous day and complete some fun activities.

Also, tomorrow at 8.30am on radio Norfolk, some children from Necton primary will be singing a special song to commemorate the day. Make sure you tune in to hear them in action. 

I hope you have a fantastic looooong weekend! I'll be back on Monday and for now here are your daily activities...


We will return to our rainforest animal work on Monday, as today we have our weekly spelling activities a day early. Remember to check back with last weeks spellings. Have you learnt them all? Here are next week's spellings for you to practise over the coming week. 

For our actual lesson today I would like to try something different, as we head over to the BBC Bitesized home learning pages. 

English -L.O: to use apostrophes accurately

Watch the short videos and complete ONE activity of your choice.

Apostrophes for omission.

Now move onto this lesson which is slightly more complicated. Watch the videos and complete ONE of the activities.

Apostrophes for possession

Extra challenge: play one of the more advanced punctuation games here…


Choose your level of challenge today from the following money problem solving activities...

1) Choose and play a game here

 2) Money grids- choose the correct coins to complete the grid. The coins must add up in the columns and rows to make the target amount. Remember you do not have to print. You can copy the grid and write in the amounts if you want. 

 3) Fancy an extra spicy challenge? Try solving these tricky problems...


Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class! Oh my goodness! It has been so fantastic talking to some of you this week. I have just loved hearing all of the things you have been getting up to from making rainforest camp outs in your bedrooms, diving deep into science experiments, baking blue lemon cakes to exploring ancient Greek themed Minecraft adventures. You are all being so creative and and taking control of your learning, whilst having so much fun. You continue to make me feel so very proud. Don't worry if I haven't managed to speak to you yet, I will make it around to everyone this week and remember you are welcome to email me at anytime (that includes parents!) :0).  

Here are today's learning activities...


Today I would like to start looking a little more closely at some of the wonderful creatures found in rainforest environments. 


Today is the last of the three White Rose Lessons on money. Follow the link to find today's lesson.

Summer Term- Week 3 (w/c 4th May)

Lesson 3

L.O: to subtract money.

 Extra challenge: 

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Today I would like us to do a little bit of handwriting practise. Every year the school takes part in ‘The Queen Mother’s Handwriting Awards’. They are still taking place this year and if you would like to enter your work from today into the competition, the deadline is the 22nd May. All of the details you need are on the following pages the text you need to copy out is first but make sure you read the guidance at the end of the document first.  

Make sure you use your neatest handwriting and all words are formed correctly, spelt correctly and all punctuation is included. If you do not want to send it off, just copy the poem into your work book.

For extra information about the awards click here.

Extra challenge: Have a go at some of the grammar games here…


L.O: adding money (without decimal points)

Today is the second out of the three White Rose maths sessions on money. Please follow the link and find this lesson.

Summer Term- Week 3 (w/c 4th May)

Lesson 2

Extra Challenge: Take the family out for a meal and calculate the bill! Use the menu on the following page.

Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning Seahorse class and welcome to another week of home learning. You will find your new weekly menu after today’s tasks, so don’t forget to check in with it throughout the week to cover all the subjects we would have been looking at in school.

It has been lovely to see all of the home-learning you have been doing. You don’t have to send things in, but it would be great to see something from everyone and share our success on our class blog. Have  a look now to see some of the fantastic work produced last week.

This week we celebrate 75th anniversary of VE day (Friday 8th May). Spend some time throughout the week reading the information and completing some of the activities put up on our school website on the history extra home learning page.


This week we will be looking more closely at the amazing creatures that call the rainforest home, as well as some grammar. Today is Monday, so we will start with a little reading comprehension.

Learn about the stunning leopard in today's reading comprehension activities, or if you fancy more of a challenge scroll down to learn all about the wonderfully weird Potoo bird!


L.O: to convert pounds to pence

We are starting our week off with a few lessons from the White Rose team to practise adding and subtraction and applying our money skill. Please follow the link and open

Summer Term- Week 3 (w/c 4th May)

Lesson 1

Watch the video and complete the activity.

Extra challenge: Choose a mastery problem solving task to complete.

 This weeks home learning menu...

 We start our new term with a new topic and enquiry question…


Is Biodiversity Important?

Rainforests are beautiful, unique and important environments. This half term we will look at the micro-habitats within, climate and location of rainforests and the many plants and creatures that call the rainforest their home.

There is A LOT of information available on the internet about this topic. Feel free to research further than the tasks and activities that will be provided on the weekly home-learning menu and daily lessons. A good place to start would be to use an online dictionary to search the meaning of the words ‘rainforest’ and ‘biodiversity’.  

You may want to try a few of these links to videos, documentaries and information pages to increase your knowledge over the next few weeks, but make sure you don’t forget to complete the daily learning tasks first!

Rainforest research links:

Lots of facts about rainforests-

Planet Earth 2: Jungles on BBC iplayer

National Geographic rainforest information

Games and interactive activities from the Rainforest Alliance Trust

Learn about the layers of the rainforest and where different animals live

Extra challenge: Write a list of top tips to remember when using the column method.


Older material

A Maths homework grid for both Years 3 and 4.

A guide of practical activities when learning from home.

A home leaning pack for Year 3 children to complete.

A list of free reading and book related online resources which can support home learning.