Necton Church of England Primary School

The Friends of the School Association

The Friends of the School Association (FOSA) are a wonderful group of people working hard to benefit our pupils in any way they can. Meeting once every half-term, the group plans events to raise funds for our school and to provide the children with exciting activities. Recently, the group has organised a bingo night, school Discos, a Christmas Fair, and  a spring fair. 

Anyone can be a member of this group. Parents, Carers, friends, neighbours, members of the local community can all come along and join in – everyone is welcome!

FOSA have benefitted the school enormously over the past few years. They sponsored a Multi-Cultural week, when children throughout the school benefitted from educational visits as well as having visiting artists and performers from all over the world working with them. They have created a school pond, paid for theatre groups to visit the school, purchased balancability bikes for the Reception children and much, much more!

If you would like to volunteer some time please contact the school office who can put you in touch with a member of FOSA.