Necton Church of England Primary School



In the autumn term of 2021, the school was inspected by Ofsted.  They carried out a full section 5, two day inspection of the school. 

We are very pleased that Ofsted were able to identify the vast strengths of our school and have officially identified us as a GOOD school.  

Please find the full report via the link below:

November / December 2021 Ofsted Inspection Report 

Key highlights from the inspection report include:

  • Pupils are happy and feel safe at Necton VA Primary School. All parents who gave their views agreed. 
  • Pupils live up to the high expectations that staff have of them.
  • Pupils work together well and learn effectively.
  • Pupils show respect and courtesy to their teachers and other pupils.
  • Pupils with SEND achieve well in the same curriculum as their peers.
  • Staff are well trained in matching activities and resources to meet pupils’ individual needs.
  • Curriculum plans provide the detail of the subject-specific language and knowledge that pupils need to know.
  • Leaders prioritise reading and promote a love of books.
  • The curriculum offers vibrant and high-quality practical opportunities, especially, but not exclusively, in subjects such as music and science. 
  • Adults ensure that pupils who are at risk of falling behind receive the precise support they need in order to keep up.
  • Pupils are encouraged to share their views in many ways, such as through the school council, eco council or values council.
  • Staff know what to do if they have any concerns about pupils’ safety.
  • One pupil said to the inspectors “the best thing about Necton is all the teachers who are kind and helpful.”

The impact of our school vision is clearly seen throughout every section of this report.  We are deeply committed to ensuring that all children in our school will feel that they belong to our school family and are valued.  They will believe in themselves, and their potential, and they will be well supported to thrive throughout their time in our school.  This will be happen because staff have high expectations of all children and the curriculum builds children’s knowledge, skills and understanding over time. 

The ethos that exists through our school enables children to develop and grow their own aspirations and work hard to achieve their best.  We are incredibly proud of the children and all that they achieve with us.